You’re the most incredible person I’ve ever met. You’re an ass, i know that, but still amazing. I love how lovely you can be. And i know the way we met it was a little bit… Idk, weird? Maybe it’s to match with us, have no idea. And forgive me about my fucking english but my head is big shit and it’s hurting, so fuck. I just wanna say thank you. Thank you for everything, and especially appear in my life. I thought I was never have a best friend like you. Never. I have mine but, it’s not the same. I talk about you and with you all the time, I mean, you’re so fucking important for my life and I’m so afraid for losing you. It’s the second birthday I’m with you, and I hope to have many more. Or much more, whateeeeeeeever!! This text it’s a big shit because your a little shit and I just wanna say happy birthday and I love you so much sister, mother, best friend, wifey, girlfriend, idiot, asshole, bitch and my precious queen. <3 

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